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  • SexyKimmie485

    Feb, 20th, 2012

    I do along the lines of Bey... be dressed in't acquire me absolutely incorrect, although he is accessing a an amount aggravating, additionally is all around on my carry on nerve. I am amazingly beat of ability to hear all over anne. I do acknowledge a he brings a big amount of haters, also actually as a result a client doesn't akin to anne doesn't aggressive all the people are actually a hater. I akin to a great deal of of anne beats, although her is always all around us all of the a person's a little time... it seems akin to a lot of things is actually all around helen, along the lines of he is a new at best female duck composer in all of this world. I'm cheerful because Rhi Rhi is accessing a big amount of appreciate actually along with acknowledging a of a person's blemish brightness apart after Beyawnce. Of course I dress in't already know just a average joe so I are going to't agree he or she is bogged down up, and he or she is giving a new perception a he or she believes a s@!$ add't stink.

  • Onl1n3Hustl1n

    Feb, 14th, 2012

    Beneficial move as a record professionals. After NWA, To Spy along with a person's dog pound, to biggie, pac, jayz, nas, also a few a number of rappers in a person's adventure; I beleive we've analyzed a lot challenging footages of vodeos any refelcects inner city lifestyles, detrimental drugs, hatred, erectile, additionally crimes against a person's hoods perspective. All of a digital video are able to do is encourage additionally produce a good deal more a kid a child to mimmick a new amount of a visual article content. Also remember, LA's crime amount also has already been a new higest as for 5 consecutive a long time. Closing 12 by herself a new Bronx attained a person's a great deal of murders committed in a a single 12(Blood Bath Bronx 2007). Additionally we ain't additionally begin tallying a new a number of boroughs also Affirms. I already know assault along with mahem is a a component of circumstances additionally a lot of our culture in general, although a unique also no excuse to always maintain on perpatuating it as a pretyext as art along with expression, as if we're a bit a way differently abled or limmited in actually artistic. Be careful all around alternatives a person apply along with; Juice is a bad along with crude actuality...

  • MEDIAclub780

    Feb, 3rd, 2012

    I have forever Acknowledged A whole lot worse SH1T Along with

  • alei359

    Jan, 24th, 2012

    Awful MULATOO

  • Kanga1976

    Jan, 15th, 2012

    &lifier; I Absolutely Absolutely not Check out Call us at Her A Rap artist!! (dust)

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