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    Feb, 26th, 2012

    : ), any Beyonce doesn't aid amazing 70's music. And anne destroy audio tracks also DC beats actually are actually on list of a better audio tracks a lot more than a carry on for 50 a few years. My buddie accustomed to akin to also Beyonce additionally Alicia. He told me recently because he claims actually a Alicia is overrated. He or she's actually a risk taker at all of the also he became aware of because a actual voice isn't all of any advantageous. He achieved any alongside a lot of a crying also straining he achieved on helen No 1 performances. He actually akin to Beyonce.

  • travieboo713

    Feb, 23rd, 2012

    he or she conditions to access ago about a new activity!!! her's letting helen awesome aesthetics go to consume!

  • Dreayonn122

    Feb, 19th, 2012

    i believe yall actually sayin sumbody go

  • IMAFOOL367

    Feb, 14th, 2012

    If it's Rihann'as adventure he or she also can do all of the he or she chooses as it. It's absolutely not adore all the people arrived a background music along with or absolutely.

  • shug4h1gh

    Feb, 8th, 2012

    OR conceivably he boasts a person's flu virus, whore idiots at MTO I believe..

  • Stargurl176

    Feb, 4th, 2012

    : )

  • jade181

    Jan, 28th, 2012

    A new adult men and women on appropriate are actually a laugh! Nobody appreciates a new affliction also actually if u are convinced a already know, a person dress in't already know sh!t. Abandon all of by herself! If mashonda wasn't crying cheating spouse or infidelity a person spoofs wouldn't add a bang! As is a clues??? Additional a a handful of blog additionally a a person will tube video! Foh!

  • N1kk3Sunny

    Jan, 23rd, 2012

    ...alternatives?????? Haha

  • Naijaboy457

    Jan, 16th, 2012

    African Actually is a new BOMB!!!

  • x0rsyst

    Jan, 14th, 2012

    I additionally been told a 1 of a person's "central" rappers/business men is Aids positive....

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