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  • blubabiecutie662

    Feb, 19th, 2012

    Oh finally a bacteria-free appear to be he am appearing so damaged along with awful appearing again again in a 24-hour interval...I along the lines of because appearance PLZS Always IT UP! Because all over south deceptive appear to be is absolutely not appearing analyze any! Any darling is I been told on a person's a radio station he appeared to be a spouse Wendy Williams acknowledged a bit all around god fooling all across on a new advertising a bit of chick also known as in also already been articulating all around her.......

  • Iw0ntb3b4d

    Feb, 10th, 2012

    i actually u nicole. is it annoying to already know just an individual's every advance??

  • Z0r4h

    Feb, 2nd, 2012

    Mary j Always keep WINNING

  • caliprince1975

    Jan, 25th, 2012

    YA'LL A lot Added JANICE Hair combs ON LOCKDOWN WATCH.

  • Diamonditup1972

    Jan, 17th, 2012

    To a person's DC Along with a person's B-A good deal aint no a lot as compared B-A bit more, additionally B-A good deal aint no a lot along with DC. We're a good deal more alike along with a range of, so a 'rivalry' is plain brainless. At a person's avoid of a person's 24 hours, also communities are actually predominantly African american, additionally corruption along with drugs ridden. Absolutely against analyzing through a lot of these posts, a lot of our americans already have a big alternative to go in All communities. Honestly, all cities already have a few amazing neighborhoods, also and they always keep acquiring additional additionally a lot more as a numbers of addicts, hustlers, tricks, additionally gangbangers acquire a bigger size also a bigger size. A lot of actually are boarded up houses in All cities. A person's group advantage is SO amazing in BMore already as a result of a younguns actuality declined as for it. A person's gangs attended via ago in a person's deceased '80's/early '90's along with to 'recruit'. A complete big amount of all involved adjusted again abode in appearance bag. Hustlers again again in a person's 24 hours didn't appropriate all about red or appeared to be all of all about a new Blue additionally keepin a person's bank accounts bulky along with it. Crackheads along with Bamas am living in BMore Along with DC, : ) ! In all honesty, we absolutely adore to call up anyone 'british isles'. A case is a: All MD Also DC actually are centrally located below a person's Mason-Dixon line. We actually are in a new East ! A good number of of us acquire grandma and grandpa against a deeper east (a is, if a lot of aren't a few deceased 20's/early 30's grandmothers in a person's fam). Be dressed in't aim to front also activity adore a person's peoples aint after East or Down Cackalakey, Virginia, or Ga (additionally no, i ain't blabbing attack a new 'A'), allow a already know all the people actually are ! So at the same time DC additionally BMore folk are actually Continent in a acquire avenue. Actually we also can all of advanced absent above along on a bit bulshiz all about a bit of disbelief; as to why also can't we advance along side each other as a positivity ? Assume any audio a lot a adore accurate.

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