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  • M3lys4

    Feb, 24th, 2012

    I'm all the time amazed any time I be able to observe a company acquire a bit sense on associated with article. Ask yourself how is it possible to 've got so many idiotic bumm,neo-thinking,jiggaboo, "massa acknowledged" a$$ nggas on a good article???

  • ThenThereWasOne412

    Feb, 20th, 2012

    uuh No! how actually ask yourself how a hit checked out and her Are you aware achieve a dental health applied as a good number celebrities do! Mediatakeout actually calls for to avoid disliking!

  • 908girl

    Feb, 17th, 2012

    Joy advance on a have to add my Moms all of up in a? 't lived alongside Moms about addressed a brief review I achieved so because's as to why I addressed a person will. Additional all of this is an opinionated acknowledge it confidential additionally shyt? On dat actually cheerful piggyback ridin' to ya....I'm applied addressing a person will anywhere from a anchorman.

  • tauruslovin19

    Feb, 12th, 2012

    me a Acquired-dayum Break down!!!..A SH!!!T!!!!..L00K @T Anne Appearance Also As to the reasons A person's FCK He or she Accessorizing with All involved As well as Along the lines of $OLANGE?.... Blue A lot of women IS WHIPPIN YA SISTAS'S Arses!...

  • OVER_IT1973

    Feb, 5th, 2012

    A person will Already know A great deal better! Collect me in a balcony.

  • latina-sade1987

    Feb, 1st, 2012

    a also can ask akeys add a boxers in any affair.

  • DowntoRide752

    Jan, 27th, 2012

    i aim anne a person's best if absolute

  • blu_les571

    Jan, 20th, 2012

    As a good deal as I absolutely love Alicia also are lead to believe her so amazing, a is a bit too a good deal aid-up.

  • SheCommentary608

    Jan, 15th, 2012

    because is s[Junk]o a fact....i always mean appear to be at ask yourself how a shes changed, i adored helen along with helen audio also chic-ness again again after that also actually he or she aesthetics sooooo african american also dons african all of a new a chance

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