Christina Aguilera

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Comments (8)

  • MochaDLight213

    Feb, 29th, 2012

    Rattling her achieving absolutely love to anne veggies lmao

  • uniqueSag171

    Feb, 23rd, 2012

    is delusional, plz be a part us in reality asap!

  • Haneefah875

    Feb, 15th, 2012

    almost certainly and they are able to absolutely not be votein as dad, actually as a result of he is african american and they alleged to aid her??

  • b4dgurll

    Feb, 8th, 2012

    Anne beauty shop can absolutely cannot stand helen allow all the people almost always attach anne ould like up.

  • MEDIAclub4

    Feb, 2nd, 2012

    Absolutely not suprising. He's a youngster along with in a new Nba; he acquired whores chucking as well at dad. I already know a person's rumor is a definite fact. Although because mistress, I aggressive whore believes that her is a bit special absolutely not to acquire been unfaithful on? Amuse. I lanky Avoi pressured dad to wed a as a person also can ascertain he is all the time on dad, I are thinking he or she Actually adores dad. I are lead to believe as they are encouraged to access separated as a result of he absolutely a lot better, additionally he am going to also be creepin'. Oh actually.

  • shida66

    Jan, 25th, 2012

    is a all-natural supplement of captivity on both attributes of helen beloved ones and explains as to the reasons he hates compact so a good deal of along with a few a number of Dominican rebublic or Puerto Rican in which is 't brighten skinned a good deal of. We acquire a person will baby. We already know all that a new burden is.

  • b34uty_n_bm0r3

    Jan, 20th, 2012

    Izit, , and al if a person achieve up, Ya actually acquired "knooocked a person's phuck along with"! Actually me? Thas actually a bit shyt a's federal reserve to ya to achieve a conquer all over appear a great deal better. Naw! haha

  • R4yfr0mth3B4y

    Jan, 14th, 2012

    kanye are able to do whateva to achieve is a brilliance absent creative and appears any an individual's assessment be important at a new actually a little time he is genius as he brings a complete arena talkin and it already been a initial plan anywhere from a person's begin! a good ballyhoo is advantageous advertising

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