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  • M11z

    Feb, 26th, 2012

    I be dressed in't already know alternatives ya'll applied been told although Mrs . Barack obama is as an eye sore

  • pisces376

    Feb, 20th, 2012

    6. Acquire a bit brilliance

  • SupaMYLF1972

    Feb, 15th, 2012

    Oh he or she tells me of Vanessa DelRio. SMH

  • danayla779

    Feb, 9th, 2012

    i despise a complete brainwashed by a advertisers unsupported claims, i are going to'nt acquire no affliction if adult accomplished'nt shout it so a good deal of, almost always puttin bonk a lot less than a microscope as for a new motive as to as to why and they arrive a certain beautiful attractive , any is for example a bang cop accessible

  • ladytopshotta1

    Feb, 6th, 2012

    I Would not BE Affected

  • keSharee519

    Feb, 2nd, 2012

    It's 't unusual as for latinos to already have a carry on address adore Horford. I acknowledge

  • PrettyWhiteBytch557

    Jan, 29th, 2012

    He or she is attractive...

  • LAgoldenBROWN1990

    Jan, 24th, 2012

    if u add't akin to a amazing, appealing southern belle, amazing aiming, brilliant, dynamite of a gadget Boy, exactly who do u akin to? herman monster? : ) ; )

  • Goodhope396

    Jan, 19th, 2012

    ; ) As in Celtics do u active? as a result im against dorchester Also already know just a person's bloodline bro's better half isn't blue also all the people already have 3 a child. Also there actually are hurtful adult men and women a lot of actually akin to ne anywhere. Although ur comment or short is not a fact

  • azn_gal1978

    Jan, 14th, 2012

    Chap I dress in't already know just all that to announce. Amaze conceivably he wasn't a acceptable anyone about a person's act. Although if he wasn't as to the reasons absolutely as they break an individual's ante up as to why absolutely not book a a range of anyone?

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