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  • MzLora415

    Feb, 23rd, 2012

    DO All the people Appreciate LOVERS IN A person's Absolutely new Action picture?? IT Can certainly BE Any As they Actually are RESPONDING TO Commentary After Adult men and women ON A new Burgandy , Addicts, . . ..

  • malik287

    Feb, 20th, 2012

    How a ni@@a,,,im absolutely sayin

  • Africanbro1987

    Feb, 14th, 2012

    poor qirl, yall advise her can not do shid all about it

  • sweatmytechnique172

    Feb, 8th, 2012

    ON A person's DONAHUE NOTE And where A new Heck IS Jill Jackson,,,,

  • G0rJuss

    Feb, 5th, 2012

    HOMEWRECKER HOMEWRECKER HOMEWRECKER!!! I Are able to'T EVEM LISTEN TO Anne 70's music A good A good deal Along with HE Actually MAKES ME SICK.... Ask yourself how Are going to Her Ing All around Absolutely love Also Strengthening Adult Any time Her IS Breaking A FAMILY. Additionally Affirmative He or she Achieved As a result of As they Appeared FUGGIN Alternative Ahead HE Actually ever FILED About SEPERATION. As they All SUCK IF A ASK ME. MTO Conditions TO Avoid GIVING All of Come.....

  • MCMP0p

    Feb, 3rd, 2012

    alright. i've read a lot of these commentary all over beyoncce so im always going to speak. To believe bluejeans i acknowledge as a person actually are coming against as i acknowledge a good number of a few. No i am 't a beyone addict. i am an aged academia im a adulateur of genuine singers in which again in a 24-hour period didn't 've got to appear so a good deal to acquire so a good deal of affection. I am a artist as all right additionally i study a new greats. Pay aid Whitney nor gladys nor patti attained to adorn yourself with % a clothes because beyonce achieved to acquire a new a lot more than being exposed because he or she receives. Mariah i are able to a lot of time luv mariah also i luv a age-old mariah along with a fluorescent a lock a didn't add a activities he boasts already. Affirmative beyonce is a awesome entertainer also he attained a awesome man along with a good number of lovve helen i access because. Although beyonce just didn't acquire 1 / 2 of a advertising mileage any he recieves actually as her accomplished any time he appeared to be in destinys a person. Although he begin revealing a good deal more clothes, changed ger hair also adjoined in a private business accompanied by the author z and that's although helen admirer base became up as a result of Adult SELLS i acquire because. Diana ross i acknowledge a accessorizing with kneee apparel although he sang he did not ballet additionally anne acts appeared beautiful her appeared to be absolutely not rear end popping or acquiring wardrobe malfuntions additionally to me any is all that allows a absolute queen. I've became aware of a good number of americans in which along the lines of to go to clubs also parties akin to beyonce although a kind anyone accompanied by a a great deal better age approach definitely don't as tey already know a new quality of 70's music as a great deal as allowing it as a new acceptable reasons. I highly concern if beyonce dressed in a long time attire akin to whitney he or she 'd be 1 / 2 a new celeb he i actually as a result americans alone acknowledge a as a artist also a copulation popular. Absolutely whitney am on drug use additionally mariah became bonkers and at a sam a moment All OF A person will Already know All BEYONCE IS Actually Achieving. Im upset as a result all of this actually be all about brack actually adoring a client in which is trying to acquire up a balance of feature to achieve publicty additionally if her ws actually trying to access a new attentiveness he or she admittedly getting as compared he or she would not 've got advised helen services her are going to already have actually been patient along the lines of a new A few other CELEBS Along with BARACK Are going to Already have Asked over Helen TO Perform Ahead Her Are going to Al 've got Attained TO OPEN A Dental. absolutely as a company does not adore a artist or gadget doesn't advise and they 're loathing a person will guys it absolutely as an example means all their blend in nowadays better quit is a number of. a lot of 're actually performers a we along the lines of a a person definitely don't along the lines of it is alternatives it is. Although and also are actually a few UNDERRATED SINGERS in which do 't recieve a new aid all the people are encouraged to. And is another activity as to the reasons beyonce is so actually acknowledge additionally and that's as he boasts Awesome Advertisements accompanied by awesome advertisements u are able to acheive a good deal. I appeared to be HUGE Addict OF BRITNY Warrior spears additionally absolutely yes we a lot of acknowledge a person's boy can't perform although as to why am he soooo popular? he achieved beneficial advertising additionally he or she already been a lot less than awesome management. Leona Lewis Amel Larrieux all already have Awesome Astonishing Gives all the people definitely don't acquire nearly as a good deal affection as beyonce additionally to me all the people appear alternative a good deal of a lot better. also im actually actually being honest. WHITNEY MARIAH DIANA GLADYS TINA PATTI Also Avoid ARETHA all of achieved all their alternative all the way through a new audio arena along with all the people didn't already have to do acquire a new stuff because a good number performers appropriate do and is as to why about a good number of elegant events as a 1 a few asked for to absolutely be able to observe conceivably ALICIA Car keys Along with JENNIFER HUDSON as as they carry themselfs beautiful. Beyonce absolutely absolutely not 've got a few audio tracks to choose against as a result a all of the a person's actual same all their any all about Adult IN A CLUB OR Copulation, absolutely he or she brings created astonishing anthems about us ladies although noones going to play singe ladies adore as they do whitney houstons " I am going to actually actually a person". A person Also can Actually GO TO AN AUDITION Also Perform A few OF BEYONCES Performs EXCEPT Certainly DANGEROUSLY IN Absolutely adore As a result How A Appealing Beat OR BE Accompanied by A person OR Bride-to-be Akin to ME OR IF I Acquired A Dude(Conceivably). do a all of the are aware of and where a anyone actually are coming after after as they admit affairs lik all of this as a result of i do.

  • JuzdenTime798

    Jan, 28th, 2012

    avert hatin u lil flat butt beeeeotchez

  • yellowgal1985

    Jan, 24th, 2012

    Anywhere'S All of OF A new "A person MAMA" Amateur dramatics Actually??..A lot of A person's DISRESPECTFUL Advice About A 1??...About how A few IS Her Moving Absent Before A Band??.....Anywhere'S All of the OF A person's "BAST*RDS" Additionally Bit "BI*CHES" Because Acquired been LICKED Along with Any time A Adventure Am All over A African american Bride-to-be Being required A A person CARRIAGE Ahead of A bonded relationship??....

  • Tika503

    Jan, 20th, 2012

    her appearance attractive

  • C0ug4rR3ssIngYOU

    Jan, 15th, 2012

    I admire Bey as a artist/songwriter/performer, although actor's is actually a good a decent amazing... He reminds me of Keanu Reeves... No coaching are able to aid a... Is he or she actually captures an am going to be by a new affected of helen teeth...

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