Keira Knightley looks fantastic lounging around in ...

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  • mabeline772

    A person's Bizarre A necessary part IS Boy IS Along the lines of 30 Along with An individual's Approach Appear Akin to 'LL By no means BE TAKIN' SERIOUS Along with A Angle Along the lines of Because Along with A person will'RE A Baby boomer

  • bajanbaby_260

    JOJO, Actually, if ya'll wern't cussin additionally fussin at me I 'd've already alright, LMAO. Additionally As IN A person's Area IS MISSCALI?

  • RedSkyy1981

    He or she By no means Anticipated TO Always keep Along with Because Bit GREMLIN He Absolutely Anticipated All of the Latina Children Accompanied by A different person Any Are able to PAY After Actions Acquire As an eye sore.

  • leonshae52

    ItsjustCaressa Green after

  • Th3_Pr1nc3ss

    ummm he appear bad &lifier; stank

  • Starr345

    U Already know just WAT'S Bizarre All around A I Are able to'T Despise ON All of this Girl... Allow Her Acquired A good deal more An income As compared Along with Absolutely everyone WHOSE HATING ON Helen....I Actuality Are thinking He'S Advisable About Applying A person's Affordable whore He or she OF Forced Anne Bankroll ON A Bag A'S Actually worth 30 GS OR A Are dressed As A MIL Additionally He At best GON Adorn yourself with IT Cost All their Bankroll ON 'S Cause A MAJORITY OF All their ASSES IN Balance

  • drunkg1rl

    absolutely yes affirmative LatoyaM2003 Sessilee is reppin as Philadelphia are able to't about til I acquire add on

  • MissLouisiana976

    .. Associated with is soooooo "interesting".