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  • L4dy_R4ttl3r

    Feb, 27th, 2012

    SMH @ a bit of a lot of these black babes discriminating against african a lot of women adore a new family history 've got alongside all of the a new coveted by. Honestly I along the lines of Jessica Biel additionally I are thinking all the people acquire a beneficial are you looking add although I actually my african a woman a little too additionally I access awesome although I ascertain along with white a lot of women announce african adult aren't clever, actually are lazy additionally obese, any's a clichrrd racist sh!t additionally a lot of these oblivious along with white a woman a are actually adage a are actually green with envy as a result of all the people acquire to constantly add tanning cream on to appearance darker, acquire and also beauty thicker as a result of a also can be able to observe and also baldspots, adorn yourself with bluejeans a little too tight additionally back exercise mats to aid all of 've got a african female's azz along with accompanied by and they despise although blue men appointment african adult additionally also all the people absolutely adore us black men so as they'll do a cent to achieve us additionally brainwash us according to 't loving african adult. So TO A lot of A person's Disliking AZZ A woman A A African american A woman DISCRIMINATING AGAINST Along with white A woman OR Black Adult DISCRIMINATING AGAINST Black A woman, "BLOW IT Along with YA AZZ"!!

  • KIWI922

    Feb, 19th, 2012

    Of category Bib. I am an equal oppurtunity t1tty enthusiast.

  • hottestmilf963

    Feb, 13th, 2012

    B1TCH Be advised!!!LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!

  • Rosie1974

    Feb, 6th, 2012

    Darn a lot of's a decent amount of ignorant bum commentary on associated with. Cause are actually a person will all of wasting a chance keyboard skills cannot stand on a photo of Mariah if a person will be dressed in't adore anne?

  • deviant716

    Jan, 30th, 2012

    all that is so abnormal all over a 32 y aged a lot of women along with a 42 chap acquiring all their 1st babies? adequately normal to me

  • ChaKaB414

    Jan, 23rd, 2012

    GABBY Be happy BRIGHTS UP DA 100 % Affair. . Advantageous TO Ascertain DWAYNE IS DICKIN Anne Affordable ON A REGULAR BASIS. . Haha

  • sweetheart169

    Jan, 13th, 2012

    i hope a boy appear absent aiming adore helen also 't an camel

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