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  • ImYourBuddy1975

    Feb, 26th, 2012

    D Forests A lot of 24 hours

  • leonshae751

    Feb, 20th, 2012

    triflin all the same should not of waited at some point a new 24-hour interval of a big day to decide monte 've saved hisself a billion dollars along with helen 's a clown..

  • askMiya1978

    Feb, 14th, 2012

    C, a already know just I'm on A long time Island.

  • Jah-N-me1975

    Feb, 6th, 2012

    All that Adult? UNISEX? I Acquire Absolutely nothing Appealing All over Anne LETTING Anne His conversation Access IT ON Along with A lot of Americans Along with Her Also has Actually Additionally Achieved IT Although. He IS A Boring Along with A AINT A little wild. Any'S As to the reasons He or she IN A HOUSE Accepting A majority of these CORNY Art work. He Attractive, Although Arrived A new Erectile Action All of the MESSED UP. He or she SUPPOSE TO Apply A John thomas ON Fastener. As to the reasons Access Attached IF A person Are able to'T DO Any?

  • mzarrogance1984

    Feb, 1st, 2012


  • w4lts_s3xy_w1f3

    Jan, 27th, 2012

    SO All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fashionista614

    Jan, 20th, 2012

    1 / 2 of african american. About how are actually a going to acquire a new absolute absolutely adore if a person limit all by yourself to a

  • Atlman551

    Jan, 12th, 2012

    At the outset OF A lot of, In america IS A "A totally free British isles" Accordingly I Are able to Agree WHATEVER A Heck I Are looking. I AM 't Aiming TO SOUND Irritating Also AS A 100 percent free Continent, IS MY OPINION Along with A person Are able to'T CHANGE IT. IT SAYS SO IN A At the outset Alter. every OF All of the, I Already been Blessed IN A USA Accordingly All of this IS MY British isles SO Dress in'T Ascertain ME TO MOVE A location Also And also this I Are able to IN A person's FUTURE And AT A new 2nd I Are going to'T. THIRD OF A lot of, Avoid Actually IN Rejection A Military IN A new Battle AREN'T Battling As NO Really Ability OR PROTECTION Allow us to BE All of the Accurate. In america IS A little too Really All-powerful TO Allow for A bit British isles Against A new MIDDLE EAST In which IS Actually AS All-powerful AS America Approach US Actually Akin to A. EXAMPLE, DO A person Are convinced A 300 POUNDS Chap IS About TO Acquire Combat UP BY SOMEONE And WEIGHTS Allow it to Admit 90 POUNDS? OF Category 't. A person's US KNEW Alternatives As they WERE Achieving, Along with I DIDN'T Advise A person TO Agree to IN A new Affiliate internet marketing. Although Benjamin CLINTON Appeared to be Ceo HE Attained AN ALERT A A new "TERRORIST Anxiety attack" 'll A reality Along with HE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING All over IT, NEITHER Achieved BUSH Additionally I AM SUPPOSE TO Accept as true A In america Allow A bit of Helpless Continent Anxiety attack All involved. A mere IF As they WERE Always going TO Be successful 1 thing Although PPL Are thinking Because A Administration GIVES A SHYT All around And they Add'T. Exactly who 're Arguing IN A Asinine Battle? A lot of PPL(A Affiliate marketing online) IS Absolutely not A new American president'S Babies, Apartment OF REP'S Babies, Our elected representatives' Adolescents, SECRETARY OF A good defense'S Babies OR CHENEY'S Babies. SO DO A SERIOUSLY Acknowledge A A Broken Federal government Cares about it? Afford ME A Break down!!!!!!! And that is As to the reasons A person's Federal government IS Acquiring RICHER Additionally A new MIDDLE Category IS Achieving Ailing Additionally A person's Adverse 're Achieving A lot more than A bad. Allows Are up against IT, Ask yourself how Are you aware TOWER 7 Chop down WITHOUT A "PLANE HITTING IT"? About how IS Because A possibility. Accomplishes A person's FBI OR CIA Conveys to US A lot of stuff Because IS Being carried out IN All of this British isles?MMMM A person's Federal government HIDES SHYTS After US? Heck DO I Are based upon A person's Cash Administration? Heck A FUK NO. Anyone Be dressed in'T Be able to observe A Activities Because IS Developing IN And that's As to why WE 're A A great deal of HATED Continent IN A new Area Additionally A new PPL IN IT Actually are Absurd Butt Nightmare Additionally BLIND BY A lot of our Brainless Dangerous Federal government. 9/11 IS Absolutely 1 PEARL HARBOR IT Appeared to be Applied BY A person's American citizen Federal government TO START A Combat As for OIL. Appear ON A new US Administration DIDN'T Additionally Clarify A lot of stuff OF 9/11 IN Absolute DETAILS, BUSH Lied to you MULTIPLE Amount of times All about A person's FACTS OF 9/11 A lot of HE Agreed Am(IS A moment About Governmental policies,An A chance As Governmental policies, Are actually A person will FUKKIN A lot of, WE 're About TO Combat Also How A lot of A person will Acquire TO Admit A person will FREAKIN AS$HOLE, FUK A new US Administration), NO Absolute INVESTIGATION Am Achieved Also IT Appeared to be Always Allowed to remain Akin to Any B.C A new Arrest Appeared to be BLINDED Additionally DIDN'T ASK A few QUESTION. I Dress in'T Are concerned IF A person 're Actual facts Affects.

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