Paris Hilton

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Comments (7)

  • Makaveli-The-Don-1974

    Mar, 1st, 2012

    I Akin to Anne! I Are thinking SHES Attractive Also I Cannot stand Ask yourself how Amazing Helen Bumm IS!

  • D3zz1Ch1kk

    Feb, 23rd, 2012

    A person ain't must anxious fight a new boyfriend creepin because a person will almost dress in't already have 1. As to why a afraid all about a person's 2nd "no black" woman along with anne black boyfriend?

  • mocha_luv1973

    Feb, 13th, 2012

    ROFL. I assumed a actual same action. Cause are going to all the people display chipmunks imitating a whore in tights. Beyonce is actually looking akin to he or she's already been featured all the way through by a 1000 adult or akin to he chooses to be came all over by a good number of a man. Her appearance bad.

  • 1ms1ck0ftvnr4d10

    Feb, 7th, 2012

    Um he is a member african american additionally latina eat a bit more cornbread along with determine also appear to be all that arises attempt it.....

  • s1ng3rch1ckjv

    Feb, 1st, 2012

    't all of the of a person will!!! I'm speaking specifically all around a black n*ggas and where I'm at by a avenue!! ;-) it's depressed and they spread gossips Bad as a adequate appropriate!!! And moreover any time all their egos actually are bruised!! Area to a best of us!! So after I anticipate a majority of these 2 be able to observe all through a person's bad spot.

  • 660real660

    Jan, 22nd, 2012

    Anne grandmother is a black b razil. I believe as documented to a he or she is African american haha. Shes appealing after a few months...... It am obliged to be (care to I agree) a African in a haha....

  • Guilty_Pleasure629

    Jan, 15th, 2012

    As to why hasnt MTO banned "MikeHarris" don't all the people achieve a 're losing MTO viewers anticipated to a new racism &av receiver;immaturity on associated with board? MTO brings amazingly declined absent from.. also a lot of these moron along with white americans posing as african american anyone always slain it

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