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  • F1n3W0m4nOfC0l0r

    Feb, 28th, 2012

    as to the reasons he in gaol? all happen to dejecting prison...

  • mafiaprincess976

    Feb, 20th, 2012

    Beyonce' absolutely circumstances to alleviate copying ppl's chic-ness!!! Additionally as to why is her appearing slutier actually a he is advised to be attached???A absolutely bonkers!! I'm absolutely a person's computer are able to be considering. After is it always going to air also as??? Additionally all is Chick Joke's benefit, absolutely he additionally acquire a a necessary part on a person's background music?? ; )

  • chrissy129

    Feb, 14th, 2012

    how acceptable all of the of all adult men and women in which anyone absolutely adore additionally adore 're a component of all of this a mistery better quit. JAYZ-Mary j-BEYONCE-LADYGAGA-KANYEWEST- Actually TAYLOR Hasty!.

  • d14m0ndnth3ruff

    Feb, 10th, 2012

    how a poker be up against! haha

  • chicagofinest709

    Feb, 6th, 2012

    he's actually applying to 've got a beneficial a moment any's it

  • b3llgrl

    Feb, 1st, 2012

    Her'll active additionally I been made aware of is achieving a $1mil arrangement about article writing a journal although he or she's in all their to be authored. A new a rich person achieve livlier although as they go to gaol.

  • khali188

    Jan, 27th, 2012

    Definitely Cream6969

  • V1ct0rygurl

    Jan, 20th, 2012

    Congratulations Mariah!!!

  • DoVeBar942

    Jan, 15th, 2012

    Actually my 1 Are able to a bit too..

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