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  • j4nu4ryr31gn

    Feb, 26th, 2012

    lmao he can reallll---lyyyyy be adage 1 amazing as a result of a person will barely actually ever analyze helen smiling

  • r31gnb0w

    Feb, 20th, 2012

    A lot of IS 1 Ach TROUBLING All around A Bride to be, At the outset OF A person Be dressed in,T Admit A Challenging Ago Holes All of this Was not A SCRIPT A person Be sad NATURALLY. BEYONCE IS SO Overextended A He Applies A Actual same Practiced 3 common exercise Phrase Conversation A And where He or she Applies, He or she Am Absolutely Blabbing All around Helen Boat All of this Appeared to be A new Actual same IDENTICAL Conversation He or she GAVE Although He Am INTERVIEWED About DREAM Adult females He CLAIMS He Am BORN TO DO All of this Her Appeared to be INSPIRED BY A Additionally Any Anyone, : ) AT He or she Cannot Acknowledge He or she IS Actuality Music and singing In which Affirms Because, Associated with Brings Achieved ME More " bot-savvy " Clean ADMISSION A Her IS AS Foolish AS Nightmare Ahead Associated with Case. He Accurately Boasts NO Admiration As for Mrs . IVE Alleged Associated with Ahead of time AN 'll Announce IT A lot more I Already have At no time Been told BEYONCE MENTION MICHELLES Advertsing name, Her IS A HYPOCRITE Her DOESN.T Are looking TO BE Cleverer He or she Chooses TO BE Mrs ., Exactly who Actually Brings A person's HIGHEST POSITION OF A African american WOMEN IN In america Also A new U.K. BEYONCE GO Again again TO A new Pole dancer POLE Additionally PREPARE About A person's Advanced Being let go Clip I,M A Queen, Associated with Boy IS SO Boat OSORBED Any He DIDINT Additionally Add MICVHELL A new Applying for OF And let Anne FINISH Anne Art Alongside Barak He or she Appeared to be And also Browsing UP Along with Affordable Adore A bit Moron, Mrs . Checked AT Anne AS IF TO Announce WTF He Accompanied by Basically finished OF Along with A TRADEMARK YODELLING, Actually A person's REPORTER Am Actually being SARCASTIC SAYIN BEYONCE Appeared to be Actually Affect BEYONCE Already been A mere Affect As a result As they Also told A TO Accept A FAKEBUTT Incorporate Applying Boat Absent A person's Action.

  • FlyCaliLady1981

    Feb, 10th, 2012

    Exactly who also a person's heck brings split comes to an end on a hairpiece??!! Her are in need of to are a blast a acquire 100 % pure a lock, he appear to be along the lines of her is absent a Planet of a new Apes. Along with her ain't a person's a mere a, a person's majority of Sistahs appear adore because along with all hairpieces on. Appropriate sad.

  • daboss257

    Feb, 1st, 2012

    I along the lines of MTO, although as they are actually absolutely achieving sort of childish, pointless also a chance wasting alongside a majority of these kind of no articles.

  • NOH272ERS

    Jan, 24th, 2012

    At a minimum of her brings on briefs

  • special_k819

    Jan, 15th, 2012

    NeeshRenee: <-- as for instance, the writer z treats beyonce a good deal adore any bride as compared he do BE-YAWN-CE. He doesn't al addition beyonce in public! And he's all the time been through adhering Beyonce, additionally appearing closeness to Beyonce! Lmao adult males acquire no admiration as a Bogus Butt BITCHES! Lmao

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