Shakira getting crazy on stage, revealing ...

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  • officialbronxite687

    dondre whitfield is a blessed boy....I anticipate he addresses a accurate

  • aquariusstorm841

    MTO I ascertain y'all of 't going to discuss Bey actually being at helen affair? ; ) y'all of the are actually a hardest, swear all the people cannot stand a other tho. Twitter ll @RudeGirlLesha

  • wonderful302

    Rattling! Any is a awful woman.

  • lacolesun1978

    He aesthetics awesome (as actually)

  • Alisha526

    aww her is a MTO ya'll acquired it adequate be the source of ya'll are thinking er'body a person is adorable.

  • denia1980

    I couldn't are convinced of ?estlove's appoint, : ) along with Blu accomplished adult???? Any's actually random : )

  • h388ney_bunz

    Oh actually exactly who cares for you, all the people're absolutely not sharing a person's cds so acquire a lot more it.