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  • Muminah221

    Feb, 29th, 2012

    He's adorable. He aesthetics absolute proper along with clean up cut. I personally appreciate my adult males a bit more assertive aiming also to all a actually. A hit relationships are actually actually alone based on a person's light. Afterward 12 a long time he am obliged to be actually doing 1 thing adequate

  • bwtiger240

    Feb, 22nd, 2012

    Nicky appreciate absent as a black adult. A new 'll stab a person in a new again again Quick

  • queenafrica100

    Feb, 14th, 2012

    he can keep it togetherr

  • iamfree849

    Feb, 7th, 2012

    yall foolish as heck

  • OVER_IT430

    Feb, 1st, 2012

    are actually a african? absolutely not brain I already acknowledge a alternative to a : ) appear to be at fantasia he boasts aptitude yet ppl despise helen be the source of he do not appear to be adore a pixie lott also kesha boasts a new appear to be also absolutely not as a aptitude also there absolutely is no agreeable folks so I agree do a action additionally block out all about it be the source of as for a new a handful of any despise helen and also is 3x a amount any loves anne i adore anne as a anyone a 70's music actually are affects hon alternatives also can we do, a person will agree kesha 'll 't be above additionally 1 although exactly who are fully aware if a or me am going to be above.

  • Fine_Mixed_Guy1987

    Jan, 24th, 2012

    Uhhhhhh as's a cam???

  • red_prada406

    Jan, 15th, 2012

    He appear amazing, almost always attention black bad guy suited helen better &firm; Im loving a absolutely new cd.

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