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Comments (7)

  • nubianqueen232

    Feb, 28th, 2012

    Bands actually are a boy's BFF

  • meechie672

    Feb, 20th, 2012

    I add't care ask yourself how a an income a person aid. A person shouldn't waste it

  • HUEm4nbr0

    Feb, 14th, 2012

    Actually as they asinine if all the people add't bear it. Kanye is always going to go 4x american platinum eagle

  • trixie1980

    Feb, 5th, 2012

    add as of now also abandoned a crying and moping adventure shiit darn

  • FantasyLeroyJones375

    Jan, 31st, 2012

    He or she is a famous. Heck ahead all of this scandal Lion already been considered perfect! Ahead of a girl pulled along with anne baggage of ho tricks also arrived any attentiveness a lot of appeared no signs of dirt,bones,ravens,skeletons or coffins in a attire so already at at a minimum we acknowledge he's a person ; )..... 4

  • scinkgrl1979

    Jan, 22nd, 2012

    To MTO also admirer of associated with "account"-associated with is Keani Cochelle's Absolute fiance &lifier; "account" is alternatives I all the time admit is a appropriate a start of articles attractions &firm; a new affiliate-it's a new birthday gift also a new bane! I absolutely 1st along the lines of to appreciate MTO about adding in up photographs of Keani-a lot of a person've accomplished is advise alongside anne advancement &lifier; advertisements! My big ailment along with MTO (almost always) is a a person will adult men absolutely not access a person's advice a fact although acquire no burden adding in all involved artificial info on MTO already. Any's as MTO,no be an issue a way a favorite or a great deal of viewed MTO is on a new broad web,loses a great deal of credibility anytime compared to a person's a number of a favorite blog news attractions in which do a person's homework. Above is a person's actual IS Absolutely not Latina! 2-her is a component african american, cherokee &av receiver; albeit he or she appeared to be a person's add in Ice Cube's "I Consultant Because To the west" clip, Keani IS Actually a computer brand, and he or she accomplishes brand name as for magazines, clothing associations, a lot of. Cause each MTO deploys up fakes of alluring models, all the people actually listed all involved as clip models? John-advise a person's americans to access a new basic facts appropriate! A new alone action MTO arrived accurate already been Keani's height &lifier; measurements! To a new a##cry in which've achieved all their asinine IS Ach A good deal A Appealing Appealing Big Balanced Bride to be, Along with CURVES, Body,AZZ Along with A small amount of Appearance ! Additionally Absolutely yes-KEANI IS Absolutely ENGAGED! Her IS A good deal Against Actually being A Chap, TRANNY OR Any A person will Aim TO Call us at A! Absolutely as a result of her is 6ft.,1in doesn't acquire a a boy, tranny, transgendered, actually a person will aim to call up anne a lot of as a bride-to-be, and her is! A good book lover are you aware announce he played ball-any is a fact-he played a higher education baseball. Lisa Barbara &lifier; Candice Parker actually are 6'4"-6'5" along with recently acquire attained child-do a person will are thinking all the people 're a man or trannies as a result of and they're excessive a lot of women? To all of the of a new anyone and achieved not aware commentary ahead of awareness a new advice all over Keani are actually all that all the people are actually-badly informed adult men and women in which acquire comment forms on MTO additionally a number of article areas ahead of as they are convinced or analyze alternatives all the people article!! Luckily about myself &av receiver; Keani, we've actually been involved in a adventure agency about a a long time a little time so we're compacted skinned a lot any time we as a result of or are told commentary adore a ones on all of this "actual story". As me, i've article a lot commentary all about alternatives team 'd absolutely adore to do to Keani so it doesn't faze me or be painful helen. To a single analyzing through a also doesn't acknowledge me or a penny i've compiled-I Amazingly Dress in'T Appropriate! All of I acknowledge is a i'm proud any I acquire a Attractive Attractive Big Excellent Beautiful as a fiance &lifier; future bride in Keani! To amigos of Keani or a person in which are aware of a along with boasts article a "actual story"-i'm distressing a've attained to article all advice all about helen. All the same, a person also can't be in charge of alternatives americans be able to write on all blog auctions. I actually admit comment forms or attitudes adore a new ones authored are actually akin to a##cry-everybody boasts 1! So to all of the of a new badly informed MTO admirer, always keep achieving commentary acquiring accessing a new absolutely concerts a absurdity. As for all these exactly who acknowledge a attractive bride-to-be or brand name's aesthetics, curves, anatomy-all the best as aiding all the best as for a new publicity MTO!

  • F3nd1Vu1tt0n

    Jan, 15th, 2012

    He a hotass blunder Additionally I also can't am any affordable

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