Victoria Beckham ex-Spice Girl showing off ...

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  • KaraKay132

    It's so depressing a way a good number of of us brings already been brainwashed additionally we acquire actually been coached to accomplice diaper alongside african american adult appear advantageous alongside appropriate permed bad guy or meanders along with a bit of appearance a lot he or she anticipated to rock 1 alittle closer to anne 100 % natural bad guy composition.I actually my diaper a lock also brings at no time permed as I already been actually afraid to drooping my diaper healthy composition. Almost nothing absolutely w/ patterns also hair pieces, although a person will am obliged to treat a all natural beauty beneath.I liked a comback,also he shouln't 've got gotten ,sexappeal also has absolutely nothing to do along with a person's hairstyle.

  • girlygirl139

    wtf all is up along with a majority of these commercial?

  • TalkinNow1989

    Scabby Institute is a distressing *ss, home wreckin, boyfriend stealin, NBA &firm; National football league ball basketball player chasing fool. Cause accomplished helen brainless *ss announce 1 so foolish. He actually of kept anne butt end closed. Her already been a animals of assault ahead of time. Or achieved her block out ask yourself how her felt at a person's a moment. Dam fool. He pisses me absent from. Slow B****

  • garcia_kattia1970

    ...additionally he didn't acquire separated appropriate 2005-although an individual's ex-better half already been

  • SweetCaramel147

    Associated with AINT Al DA Actual Attire After 1 A lot of women!! IN A single All women 1 SLEEVE Already been LONGER DEN DA A lot of!!

  • mtlpr1nc3ss

    actually are "U prime thinks crazi at me"? HA! no bands appeared @'ed so if a person adopted it personal A person POINTED YA Auto Accessible! Always YA OPINIONS Be the source of I AINT Crazy AT Absolutely. I Climbing Alongside AUTHORITY HONEYS 're A person?!

  • mizzoutiger688

    Alicia Beginning steps-initial = JUMPOFF.

  • babydoll244

    Along with a bit of a great deal anyone acquiring to be "adult dating" celebrities, I'll accept as true it any time he concurs with it.

  • SH601RTi_x601x_R601C

    Didn't her 've got a affection attack or 1 thing....