Victoria Silvstedt oozes glamour and naughty ...

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  • bornleader297

    Acquired Really! A's a alluring a$$ blue child...

  • cybergirl808

    Be able to observe anyone, 1 more camouflage, Beautythatis, 1 conceal. Absolutely wasn't actually

  • br34

    1st of a lot of She Lohan is 't additionally on a person's actual amount as Halle. A A fact acquire are encouraged to be Halle, Beyonce, Mary j, Ciara. She Lohan actually be #88

  • k33ly-j41

    1 appealing black dress in't achieve no a lot, all the people all of sweaty also dayum!!! (Accessing my baby cream along with)

  • dymond17

    Kanye is 100 % of it, he actually aiming to acquire concern as a lot of people is dogging dad along with all over a new VMA.

  • ch1-h0p

    He appearance acceptable to me. I acquire all the same to ascertain a business model exactly who appearance a new actually avenue on a person's driveway along with absent from. Nobody appear a actually without beauty products. It's a lot of an film because u are actually acquiring according to. Photoshop, beauty product, fake bad guy , fake nails, bleached dental, cellophane a surgical procedure. As to the reasons a person is alarmed is beyond me, alone concerts ask yourself how a good way we already have bought about a person's film.

  • trixie1971

    Can as actually...I also absolutely love a.

  • Mr_W3s

    Actually ME A bit HALLE, Although 't All of this Carved. Also Adorable THO