• Michelle Mcgee sex tape being sold


    Everyone has heard of Jesse James, but maybe you haven't heard of Michelle McGee?  Well, she's the woman who had an eleven month affair with Jesse James - while he was married to Sandra Bullock.  What the hell, right?!  This tattooed bad girl looks like she loves sex, and even at the expense of someones marriage!  Michelle McGee grew up pretty conservative (Amish!), but she must be on of those people who rebel from a repressed upbringing.  So, what's the next logical step?  Make a sex tape and release it via one of the big porn production companies?  Is it Vivid? Nope, Steve Hirsch didn't get this one.  This time it's Red Light District, the company that brought you Amy Fisher Caught on Tape just a few years ago.  We're hoping the Michelle McGee sex tape has a big guy pounding Michelle (Jesse James, anyone?) - think she's into BDSM?  Look out for this "bombshell"!  Watch the Michelle McGee sex tape at https://www.leakedcelebritytapes.com/michelle-mcgee-sex-tape/