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  • Latest Nude Celebrity Leaks Hit The Web!


    It is only two years down the line after a man was sentenced to 10 years in jail for hacking and posting several nude pictures of A-list actresses to the Web, and look!, the bizarre never stops. We may be on the brink of another even huge scandal involving privacy of big names.

    On Sunday, the internet experienced a bang when racy photos, purportedly of celebs including Jennifer Lawrence, a star in “The Hunger Games”, became viral. Similarly as with any report of nude photographs, people instantly questioned the authenticity. Their doubts were short-lived, however, when Lawrence’ publicist affirmed that these were stolen files, and guaranteed that an immediate legal action is brewing.

    Buzzfeed confirmed that the popular Web forum 4chan is to blame for the leak, and that a “master list” of all the possibly hacked VIP photos includes Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Kate Upton, Rihanna, Lea Michele, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kirsten Dunst, among others.

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  • The 5 Most Popular Nude Celebs

    The idea of seeing your favorite celebrity nude is incredibly tempting.  Back in the 90's, photos were grainy and likely came from the paparazzi and tabloid magazines.  These days, everyone has a cell phones with high quality cameras, including the rich and famous. Nude celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian - like these at Celebrity Revealer -- are some of the most highly searched things on the Internet.  It has continued to gain popularity, especially after the massive celebrity hack known as The Fappening or CelebGate in late 2014 (among other variations like 'the fappending').

    Jennifer Lawrence

    Over a million people per month search for 'Jennifer Lawrence nude', and it's not surprising why.  Her leaked nude photos were some of the most scandalous, and showed her completely naked (yes, everything).  She has a very nice body!

    Kim Kardashian

    Kim is an expert at keeping her name all over the news, and one method is by "leaking" nude photos or doing naked photo shoots with various outlets like Playboy, Paper Magazine (her Break The Internet mission), and constantly keeping us abreast on her Instagram feed.

    Miley Cyrus

    Miley went a bit crazy somewhere along the way, and naked photos are not hard to come by.  Her concert shows are wild, and seeing Miley's boobs is pretty common these days.  Hopefully she will release a sex tape or something! Hard to believe she got her start so early in life, showbiz really seems to mess some people up!

    Scarlett Johansson

    Scarlett is all woman.  Curvy and blond, it is no shock that she's makes number 3 on our list of all time searches for nude celebs.  She's only 5'2", but she packs some serious Tits 'n' Ass into that package.

    Nicki Minaj

    Nicki seems to be a mix of several different celebs like Lil' Kim and Kim Kardashian, flaunting her ridiculously huge booty in thongs, letting her nipples pop out on stage, posing in provocative positions and just being a slut in general.  No complaints.

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  • Jessica Simpson Tits and Camel Toe Pussy Exposed

    Jessica Simpson's Boob Popping Out of Her Bikini!

    Jessica Simpson tit slip

    Wow, this is a rare photo of Jessica Simpson's boob popping out of her white bikini top!  It's looking pretty firm here, she was in pretty good shape at that point. Talk about a blond goddess!  Check out these photos of her boobs before she got implants.
    When we ran across these photos of Jessica in a all-white outfit with her boobs poppin' out, we had to share it! Her ta-tas are truly incredible and Eric Johnson is one lucky bastard that he gets to pound this lady every night if he wants to. This honey is a every man's dream... mmm mmm, just look at her nicely sculpted body. She is fine as fuck.

    Jessica Simpson Camel Toe Pussy Pic

    Jessica Simpson camel toe pussy photo


    Jessica Simpson Hot Bod In Hot Red Dress

    Jessica Simpson sexy red dress

    Jesus Christ almighty, look at Jessica Simpson hot body and amazing curves in this red dress! This mama makes every man's knees weak just looking at a photo of her. Can you believe this blonde babe was once over 70 pounds overweight? Pretty incredible where she is now - her body is tight! Jessica looks just as good as when she played Daisy Duke in bright pink bikini.
    This photo is such a tease too, it looks like you can almost see her crotch, but unfortunately you can't...

    Jessica Simpson Nipples Exposed

    Jessica Simpson pokies

    Jessica Simpson defintely has some of the greatest pairs of tits out there and this recent photo proves it. This photo of her in a hot bright pink bikini just was released from her Daisy Duke days and we are not complaining about it! She looks absolutely sexy as fuck in it.
    Her husband, Eric Johnson, is one of the luckiest men out there. Recently they were seen together in LA on a hot date and they were caught making out - I guess the passion hasn't faded for these two love birds.

    Jessica Simpson Wears Daisy Dukes Shorts In Mexico

    Jessica Simpson daisy dukes
    Just recently photographers caught Jessica Simpson in Mexico over the weekend wearing her famous Daisy Duke Shorts and a hot bikini top. The blonde babe is looking more stunning than ever in her late 30's and everyone is noticing. Her washboard abs mixed with those cut-off shorts are making men drool all over the globe, no doubt!!
    The babe has been weight-loss obsessed every since she got pretty fat after she had kids. She said she is cutting down on the booze that she loves so dearly to make sure she is ready for all her upcoming modeling gigs she is doing for her clothing line. 

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  • NEW NUDE LEAK: Emma Waton, Amanda Seyfried Among Others

    new fappening leak March 2017 Emma Watson Amanda Seyfried

    4chan is at it again, more than two years after the first fappening leak of August 2014.  Just today, nude photos of Emma Watson, Amanda Seyfried and several others listed below were leaked on the social website 4chan.  Some news outlets are picking up the story, and it remains to be seen how the photos were originally obtained.  We will keep you posted on the latest news, in the mean time, you can see the leaks on this website.

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    MrSkin is the hottest celebrity nude's site on the web. MrSkin has compiled the hottest celebrity money shots in a playlist of videos and images for your viewing pleasure. These along with over 31,000 titles and 46,000 clips ranging from cinema's first-ever accidental nudity to today's hottest "nudecomers"!
    MrSkin is offering users get the grandest discount it has ever offered, for a limited time, a $84 dollar yearly unlimited membership pass, thats just $7 a month!! This includes full access to MrSkin pics, videos and more! 

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  • A Shakira Sex Tape?

    The internet is abuzz with a rumor that Shakira has a sex tape!  It's said to show Shakira giving a man oral sex, and that man is likely her boyfriend Pique! Hopefully anyway!  Shakira is known for her booty bouncing moves on the dance floor... we wonder what she can do with those lips!  Looking forward to this one!  Read more about the Shakira sex tape over here...

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  • Snooki Weight Loss is Drastic!

    It's obvious to everyone that Snooki and Jwoww have lost a ton of weight.  Snooki is known for being a little pudgy midget on Jersey Shore, but we have to say she's looking pretty good these days!  Her and Jwoww have started dieting, and Jwoww says she's cut back the smoking, for now anyway.  Snooki claims to weigh 102 now, and her goal is 100lbs on the scale.  She's looking better for sure -- maybe shes' trying to keep up with her meathead Jersey Shore cast?!

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  • Maria Menounos Bikini Malfunction Pictures in HD

    Maria Menounos has had a seriously bad bikini malfunction, and lucky Maria fans are able to see her shaved pussy thanks to those damn paparazzi!  Sfl Chronicle showed us some of the pics, but here are some more for everyone, in HD!  Maria Menounos is best known as the WWE girl, the nurse in Fantastic Four, and she used to be a Today Show correspondant.  Enjoy the Maria Menounos bikini slip nude photos here!

    maria menounos pussy

    maria menounos vagina

    maria menounos tits

    maria menounos ass

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  • Michelle Mcgee sex tape being sold


    Everyone has heard of Jesse James, but maybe you haven't heard of Michelle McGee?  Well, she's the woman who had an eleven month affair with Jesse James - while he was married to Sandra Bullock.  What the hell, right?!  This tattooed bad girl looks like she loves sex, and even at the expense of someones marriage!  Michelle McGee grew up pretty conservative (Amish!), but she must be on of those people who rebel from a repressed upbringing.  So, what's the next logical step?  Make a sex tape and release it via one of the big porn production companies?  Is it Vivid? Nope, Steve Hirsch didn't get this one.  This time it's Red Light District, the company that brought you Amy Fisher Caught on Tape just a few years ago.  We're hoping the Michelle McGee sex tape has a big guy pounding Michelle (Jesse James, anyone?) - think she's into BDSM?  Look out for this "bombshell"!  Watch the Michelle McGee sex tape at

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  • Jasmine Waltz sex tape released

    Even Jasmine Waltz has a sex tape that just hit the web!  We're pretty surprised about this one!  The hot actress best known for dating David Arquette has had a personal sex video tape released to the public; she must be freaking out!  Vivid had plans to buy the tape, but it looks like another group jumped on it, and now it's available for download.  Don't miss out on this celebrity scandal with Jasmine Waltz!

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