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Kylie Jenner is one of the famous sisters of the Kardashian clan. She is now 18 years old, as of August 2015 - so the paparazzi are even more hungry for dirt on the sexy and seductive Kim Kardashian version 2. Kylie has amazing curves, and a knack for posting some seriously sexy photos on Instagram. Her hips and ass have really come in of late, and she is not afraid to show them off to the world. See more at Kylie Jenner sex We're talking an amazing ass, full lips, perfect hips and beautiful tits. Kylie is bound for fame. She is currently dating rapper Tyga, who is really robbing the cradle on this one. They have been offered a sex tape deal from Vivid, the same people doing the Kim Kardashian tape from back in 2007. It's very clear Kylie is trying to be like her sister Kim, and she's doing a damn good job of it. Check out the galleries below for more Kylie Jenner nude pics, sex tape rumors and more.


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