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Female rapper, global sex symbol, songwriter, and costume wearing fanatic Nicki Minaj is a tabloid queen - she’s always making headlines for her outrageous outfits, heated drama, and scandalous antics.

It's very common for Nicki to wear provocative clothing showing off her fine ass body and that perfectly rounded booty! She’s the definition of a dime piece.

The most highlighted scandal in her celebrity career has been the alleged sex tape that hit the media and blew up the world wide web - it was crazy! Admirers have searched far and wide for this gem of a video. The adult film shows off a woman (that totally resembles Nicki) getting pounded, having nasty oral sex, and all the normal porno magic that makes us sweat and hungry for more. If this is the real Nicki Minaj then she is a straight up freak!


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