• The 5 Most Popular Nude Celebs

    The idea of seeing your favorite celebrity nude is incredibly tempting.  Back in the 90's, photos were grainy and likely came from the paparazzi and tabloid magazines.  These days, everyone has a cell phones with high quality cameras, including the rich and famous. Nude celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian - like these at Celebrity Revealer -- are some of the most highly searched things on the Internet.  It has continued to gain popularity, especially after the massive celebrity hack known as The Fappening or CelebGate in late 2014 (among other variations like 'the fappending').

    Jennifer Lawrence

    Over a million people per month search for 'Jennifer Lawrence nude', and it's not surprising why.  Her leaked nude photos were some of the most scandalous, and showed her completely naked (yes, everything).  She has a very nice body!

    Kim Kardashian

    Kim is an expert at keeping her name all over the news, and one method is by "leaking" nude photos or doing naked photo shoots with various outlets like Playboy, Paper Magazine (her Break The Internet mission), and constantly keeping us abreast on her Instagram feed.

    Miley Cyrus

    Miley went a bit crazy somewhere along the way, and naked photos are not hard to come by.  Her concert shows are wild, and seeing Miley's boobs is pretty common these days.  Hopefully she will release a sex tape or something! Hard to believe she got her start so early in life, showbiz really seems to mess some people up!

    Scarlett Johansson

    Scarlett is all woman.  Curvy and blond, it is no shock that she's makes number 3 on our list of all time searches for nude celebs.  She's only 5'2", but she packs some serious Tits 'n' Ass into that package.

    Nicki Minaj

    Nicki seems to be a mix of several different celebs like Lil' Kim and Kim Kardashian, flaunting her ridiculously huge booty in thongs, letting her nipples pop out on stage, posing in provocative positions and just being a slut in general.  No complaints.